Windows AR.Drone


- Record (Fraps)

- Will land when low battery

- Joystick / Gamepad / ...

- Easy to use

- Safety locks

- and more !

Windows AR.Drone

Explanation of this software

With Windows AR.Drone you can fly around with your quadricopter, using your laptop or PC. Beceause Parrot never officially released this Windows application, we do. Nothing only exists for Mac or Linux…

BUG FIX: It is finally working without problems on Windows Vista and 7!


List of compatible controls

Saitek Cyborg X

Logitech Precision

Playstation 3 controller

Icarus Gamepad

Radio GP Gamepad

Your keyboard (ofcourse)




Controls (if you play with your keyboard)

8 / I                    Fly forward

2 / K                   Fly backward

4 / J                    Fly leftward

6 / L                    Fly rightward

A / +                   Fly up

Q / -                    Fly down

7 / U                   Rotate anticlockwise

9 / O                   Rotate clockwise

Space                 Takeoff/Land

Escape / Tab      Send emergency/recover

F                         Send flat trim command

G                        Hover




What you need to run the application

· A computer running Windows Vista or 7

· Wifi (Wireless internet)

· Eventually a gamepad / joystick / PS3 Controller

· Microsoft .NET FrameWork 4.0 (download here)





Download Windows AR.Drone


BUG FIX: It is finally working without problems on Windows Vista and 7!


Watch on YouTube

Official Trailer

Testing Windows AR.Drone








Will this work on all Windows versions?

For the moment only on Windows Vista and 7. XP will be supported soon, we are working on it.



Will there be updates?

Maybe. If there will be, the first thing there will be is a battery status, and a signal status (which you actually can see in your Wifi network icon from Windows).



Why took it so long for a Windows version?

I don’t know, Parrot is weird. Maybe was Windows and Microsoft too big for them.



My Fraps only records for 30 seconds, why does it stop?

Fraps is payware, but great for DirectX. With other recording programs, you will loose quality and frames. You will have to pay, or you will have to find another way to get Fraps…



When i try to start the program, it says:

“The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.”

Make sure you have downloaded the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. For the moment Windows AR.Drone will not work on Windows XP. If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact us.



When i start the program it says ‘Could not detect the drone …’

Connect to your AR.Drone (Search for it thru your Wifi networks) first, before starting the program. Make sure this is your AR.Drone’s IP:



It says something about a missing .dll file

You can search the .dll file in google and download it. After that, just paste the .dll file in the directory from Windows AR.Drone. Make sure you unzipped Windows AR.Drone!


It gives an error about DirectX or Direct3D

Make sure you have DirectX 9 or 10 installed.


my video signal freezes

If you use Windows AR.Drone on a netbook, a small laptop, or a computer with a low video card, this can be possible. No way to fix this, you will have to get a better video card.


My problem or question is not in this list

Then just send us an e-mail!